Idea that the Jewish people should return to and settle the land of Palestine (or Israel) as a national homeland. Organized as a movement during the 1800s; its most famous proponent was Theodore Hertzl. Zionist organizations were instrumental in founding the State of Israel. Zionism was inspirational for several generations of Jews worldwide, but has been criticized for marginalizing the heritage of other peoples, such as Palestinian Arabs. See kibbutzim.

This ideology was born just a meagre one hundred years ago, and had been bred by Jews whom had abandoned, YES ABANDONED the teachings of their Holy Torah and the Commandments...

Before this innovation into the Jewish religious concept had occured, the vast majority of Jews strictly adhered to the Torah and it's commandments to the best of their abilities. Prior to "Glorious Zionism", the Jews were lead by their Scholars whom directed the people according to the Torah and commandments, which according to Judaism is the directions of G-d himself that was revealed through Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him). The Jews were loyal inhabitants of other host nations where they resided, complying to the various Laws of the land, and furthermore they prayed for the well-being of their respective governments.

Around a couple of hundred years ago a small faction of Jews were beguiled by European ideas and values, and so in order to follow their materialistic desires they slowly left their observance of their Holy scriptures and teachings. They began to ridicule the spiritual leadership and thus began to lay the foundations of the dogma of the zionists.

When this movement began to contaminate Jewish Holy Law, there were magnitudes of religious law abiding righteous Jews whom faught and struggled hard and long against zionism. The objective of their attack was to bring back their people to the Torah ordained path that the Jews MUST follow while in exile. However, the zionists opposed the authority of the Torah and their religious orthodox Rabbis. They cajoled world leaders to grant them political power over the Holy Land while remaining ignorant to the resentment this aroused to the lands veteran inhabitants, but nevertheless having full knowledge of the vehement opposition of orthodox Jewry.

The zionist state was eventually born as a result of the Balfour Declaration which was issued by persuading the British government concerning the "Establishment of a national home for Jews in the land of Israel".
Torah Jewry has never ever recognized the Zionist state. Since the Zionists succeeding in establishing their state, Torah Jewry has continuously announced to the world that the Zionists do not represent the Jewish people, and that the name "Israel" that they use is a forgery. For it is forbidden to us from the Torah to rebel against the nations, and all sovereignty by us is prohibited. Rather, we await the days when all the world will recognize the sovereignty of the Creator, and the words of the prophet Isaiah will yet be fulfilled:

"And they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. No nation will lift its sword against any other, nor will they learn warfare anymore."


A Pro-zionism noder (i.e. a Zionist) made me aware that this is only the opinion of a select few Orthodox Jews whom are few and far between, and not the opinion of the majority of Jewish People.

Well my noding companion, I do not wish to sound patronizing, but I request you go look up the word Orthodox you'll find it means (I'll quote from E2 to save you the bother) "Sound in opinion or doctrine, especially in religious doctrine..."

Furthermore, after some thought I absolutely agree with you - that Zionism and Judaism are two TOTALLY different issues, because indeed Judaism does not teach Fascism and Oppression to further your own gain. So I'm glad you have helped me make the distinction between the religion itself, and the action of people who support the movement.

Indeed the two topics are SO far apart that they contradict each other, which is WHY I feel it is a hypocrisy, and I am entitled to my opinion as much as the next noder.

Also I would like to add that it does not surprise me in the least, that you claim yourself to be an unbeliever, because it just goes to show that to the majority of zionist Jews, being a Jew is not about the religion itself, it's about the DNA that they have inherited.

Zionism is, by definition, the idea that Jews should live in Israel (Zion meaning either Jerusalem or Israel). It is an age-old idea (the first real Zionist Activists only really started to gather during the middle of the 19th century, though), which can trace its roots to the Great Rebellion, c. AD 70, after which most of the Jews left Israel. rk2001's claim of Zionism being practiced only by the bad, evil Jews - who didn't like the idea of God - is wrong. There were plenty of religious Jews in the First Zionist Congress. True, most Orthodox Jews of that day believed that an attempt to come back to Israel should only start after a sign from God, but there were many who thought that founding a Jewish State in the Land of Israel is the tchalta de'geula - the beginning of salvation; that God will only do his part after he sees the efforts of his people. The many religious Jews who live in Israel, and are very active in the political scene, prove my point.

Furthermore, there is no one true Judaism, and "law abiding righteous Jews" from one sect may not appear so to another (for example, most Orthodox Jews consider Reform Judaism an abominition, and that such Jews are worse than the Godless Jews who are following their materialistic desires).

Sources: Two years of Jewish History class, and some research of my own, plus my own thoughts on the issue.
--- July 1st, 2004 Response to rk2001's addendum and a disclaimer.
I'm not sure if the person rk2001 refered to as a Zionist was me, but if he did, then he is wrong. I'm not a Zionist. I believe Zionism is a silly ideal. Another thing. Regradless of the meaning of the word, Orthodox Jews are an extremist Jewish minority.

Although Zionism and Jewish religious observance have been at odds with each other, this may be because many early Zionists felt oppressed by the orthodoxy of some Jewish teachings. The encouragement to reject the "old way" of thinking led some Jews to begin the practice of eating bacon on Yom Kippur (for those who don't know, pigs aren't kosher), a highly symbolic rejection of Jewish traditions and beliefs.

In addition, statements and positions of the more militant factions of the Zionist movement have led to the belief that Zionists in general are fascist, that they support the subjugation of other peoples, or even the obliteration of the Arab/Palestinian people. I would say, however, at this point it is the religious, Orthodox Jews who are more likely to oppose the current peace process.

There are many movements which, although Zionist, continue to follow Jewish religious traditions and which also vehemently oppose fascist "Zionist" factions. Habonim Dror is one such example.

Zi"on*ism (?), n. [Zion + - ism.]

Among the Jews, a theory, plan, or movement for colonizing their own race in Palestine, the land of Zion, or, if that is impracticable, elsewhere, either for religious or nationalizing purposes; -- called also Zion movement. -- Zi"on*ist, n. -- Zi`on*is"tic (#), a.


© Webster 1913.

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