Literally means 'Teaching'. The first five books of the Tanach (sometimes known as the Old Testament).

In Hebrew: Beresheet (In Begining),
Shmot (Names), Vayikra (And he called), Bamidbar (In the wilderness), Devarim (Things)

Sometimes know as:
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

It is believed, by the faithful to be written by the hand of Moses. The primary scriptures of Judaism.

To"rah, To"ra (?), n.; pl. Toroth (#). [Heb. tOrAh.] (Jewish Lit.)


A law; a precept.

A considerable body of priestly Toroth.
S. R. Driver.


Divine instruction; revelation.

Tora, . . . before the time of Malachi, is generally used of the revelations of God's will made through the prophets.
T. K. Cheyne.


The Pentateuch or "Law of Moses."

The Hebrew Bible is divided into three parts:
(1) The Torah, "Law," or Pentateuch.
(2) The Prophets . . .
(3) The Kethubim, or the "Writings," generally termed Hagiographa.
C. H. H. Wright.


© Webster 1913

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