City in west-central Kansas. It is the county seat of Finney County, and has a population of approximately 30,000 people. Its economy is primarily based around agriculture, particularly wheat and cattle, though industry and retail are growing in importance. The city includes a number of notable features, particularly the zoo, the museum, and the swimming pool.

The Lee Richardson Zoo is located in Finnup Park. It's free, unless you want to take the drive-thru route. It includes about 300 animals, last I heard, and it gets about 250,000 visitors every year. The landscaping is beautiful, the selection of animals is outstanding, and in general, it's a way-above-average zoo (but then, I've noticed most small zoos are better than the really big ones).

Adjoining the zoo is the Finney County Historical Museum, which is a fairly straightforward museum except for one exhibit: The World's Largest Hairball. No truly, my son! It was dug out of a cow at a slaughterhouse years ago, and it looks like a big gray rock. Tell your friends. Get pictures.

And the city swimming pool, built in 1922, is the largest outdoor, concrete, free, municipal pool in the world. It measures 220 feet by 330 feet and holds about 2.6 million gallons of water. It's large enough to water-ski and wind-surf on. Up until the mid-'90s, they used to take the elephants from the zoo over and let 'em play in the water a few times a week. It's worth seeing even when empty, 'cause it's just so unbelievably huge. It's located right next door to the zoo.

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