No martial arts practice today. Still too sick with bronchitis. Work was dull until i got called to an on-site meeting which went well. i finished the on-site early and ran some errands (finding vacuum cleaner bags and belts for the hoover windtunnel upright and buying toilet paper). the first place i went didn't have bags or belts. the second place only had the bags. the third place had what i thought was the right belts. i got home, opened the vaccuum cleaner and saw that the belts i got were too small, and round instead of flat. i managed to stretch that fucker on there. i think it's rubbing somewhere because there is an odd burning smell coming from it. oh well. it seems i really needed to vaccuum. my old bag was really super full (and previously my laziness had prompted me to attempt to empty the bag instead of trying to find a new one, so the bag was super gross). The fullness of the bag had pretty much screwed the suction. i may as well have not vacuumed for the past two months. there is a "clean" light on the vacuum cleaner that indicated when there is no more stuff getting sucked up. it took SO long for that light to turn green. at least i know the carpet is clean now.

i still need to steam clean, but all in good time. then i'll finish my new painting (a nude self-portrait of the left side of my body).

i have this horrible sense of foreboding right now regarding my employment. i think i need a change of pace. a big one. i'm so tired of IT. i need a big life change.

Breaking news: 6 children (ages 12 - 16) have been shot at an African American celebration at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Two others have been transported to local hospitals for non-gun related injuries (one epileptic seizure and one pregnancy problem) induced by the excitement.

Currently (7:15pm EST) the police are canvassing the area looking for the suspects. Witnesses report that two large groups of teenagers were arguing back and forth, throwing bottles when someone pulled out a gun and started firing. it is not known whether those injured were the intended targets or innocent bystanders.

okay, the national media has the story now. my job is done.