Giant Rock is said to be the world’s largest freestanding boulder. It is located in the desert regions next to Spy Mountain near Landers, California. The huge boulder was seven stories high and covered about 5800 square feet. Composed of granite, geologists place its age between 65 and 135 million years old. It is estimated to weigh 100, 000 tons.

On February 23, 2000, the rock split, and one eighth of the smaller, frontal section crashed to the ground. The apparent cause of the split is the fires that visitors to the rock would routinely light underneath the frontal overhang. Due to the years of heating and cooling of this section (and thus expansion and contraction), the stresses on that area of the rock caused it to crack, and finally give way. The inner areas of Giant Rock that were exposed were gleaming white. Unfortunately, not long after, the exposed interior was covered with graffiti.

Giant Rock has been a holy object and a UFO attractor.

Author James Twyman wrote: “In ancient times Giant Rock was held sacred by the Native peoples of the Joshua Tree, California area. So sacred in fact that only the chief was allowed to go near it. Everyone else had to wait nearly a mile away while the Chief communed with the spirits of the "Rock People" who had prophesied the day when the Mother would split open and a new era would be revealed. Most other traditions have pointed to this time in our history as the awakening of the Divine Feminine, to a world based upon compassion and peace. Now that Giant Rock has split, many people believe that the prophecy has been fulfilled.”

George Van Tassel learned of it from an acquaintance who had tunneled underneath the rock and made his home there. Van Tassel later used it for storage, and lived “next door” to the boulder. According to him, the rock was a center for magnetic energies that would facilitate cellular rejuvenation in living things using the Integratron. The boulder was also the landmark where he held meditations and UFO conventions.

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