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Feeling twitchy

I spent far too little time talking to you last night, but still got to bed at 3:30 am. I dreamed, um, "nice" dreams which aren't going to go into the dream log for the simple reason that I will feel fuzzy telling them to you tonight.

I took some caffeine tablets this morning to get into work, so I'm shaking like a mad thing at the moment. Getting into work was... interesting - it rained heavily and I got soaked. So, mark, being a little sadist, took a photo of me looking like a drowned rat :-)

I can imagine that this daylog will make no sense to anyone but you. Frankly, I couldn't care less. I woke up thinking of you. I want the day to move on so I can talk to you. I want to change my sleep patterns to talk to you more. It would seem rather silly to someone else; I am wearing a permanent smirk on my face and I keep humming tunes to myself...

I think I'd better stop before I get smacked by some miserable voters...

Photos. I must take more photos.

Umm, note to other noders: ignore me. :-)

14:35 BST

Photos taken outside with the rain behind me. Me waving. Me almost laughing. Me looking to the side. Me feeling bloody self-concious :-)

Feeling sleepy again, so more pro-plus for dizzy.

My impending hospitalisation didn't go down well with my project leader and general manager. There was a slight pause when I told them; a pause that seemed to say: *huff* "well, we didn't need you anyway!" The problem is that a lot of people in our department are asking to work from home and management are resisting this. Their reason is that they want to "keep the project teams coherent." So, if I can work from home during my recuperation, there is no reason why other people can't work from home...

Geek mode enabled: I wonder if I get to take my dual pentium 3 500 home? If yes, Schweet! :-)