A 12-voice analog drum machine released in 1981. Its reputation and fame should not be needed to repeat here.

The 808 features 16 analog sounds on 12 tracks. Each track features its own output, and is individually editable & tunable. An accent feature is available for extra dynamics.

The sequencer is fairly simple, and can be programmed both real time and with steps. Song creating is tricky, because it has to be done in real time with no editing afterwards. The sequencer can be used to trigger 3 external devices with voltage trigger.
12 32-step patterns, 4 fill-in patterns and 12 songs with 64 measures can be stored in the unit's battery-backed memory.

In addition to the individual channel outputs and triggers, a normal stereo-out jack is also present. For inputs, there are 2 pedal jacks (start/stop and fill-in) along with DIN sync in/out.

Bass drum
Snare drum
Low/Mid/Hi Tom
Low/Mid/Hi Conga
Rim shot / Claves
Handclap / Maracas
Cow bell
Open hi-hat
Closed hi-hat

508mm x 305mm x 105mm

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