"Five Leaves Left" was Nick Drake's first album. It was released in 1969 on Island Records.

Nick Drake was an enigmatic talent in music. Too shy to perform in public, and never successful during his short life, he is now acknowledged as one of the major talents in folk music. His final album, "Pink Moon," is one of the most poignant expressions of melancholy, recorded just two years before his death.

Nick's debut album "Five Leaves Left" gives a good indication of his growing talent. The album features Nick's haunting melodies and lyrics, accompanied by (among others) both Richard Thompson and Denny Thompson from Fairport Convention. Some of the most beautiful songs on this album feature elaborate string arrangements, creating a mysterious, almost baroque atmosphere.

The title of this album refers to a small sheet that is inserted into packages of Rizla cigarette papers, to indicate that it is time to buy a new pack.


  1. Time Has Told Me
  2. River Man
  3. Three Hours
  4. Way To Blue
  5. Day Is Done
  6. Cello Song
  7. The Thoughts of Mary Jane
  8. Man In a Shed
  9. Fruit Tree
  10. Saturday Sun