Rolling papers come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and types. The following is a fairly comprehensive outline of rolling paper varieties, however, if I missed something please msg me and let me know.


Rolling papers are usually 70 mm long but, like the width, it varies. You can get extra long papers that are categorized by referring to the standard 70 mm as 1. You can get 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2 and so on. The width comes as normal, wide or double wide. There are also blunt wraps, which resemble the paper used for rolling cigars. Should the industry not have a size that's right for you, there is always rolling papers on a roll, so that you can create a custom sized 'cigarette.'


Some papers come with a custom design imprinted on the paper. Some common designs are peace sign, yin yang, rainbow stripe, alien, sun, and rasta colors.

Another variation of papers come with a thin wire that is embedded in the paper lengthwise. The wire sticks out the top of the cigarette once it is rolled and can be used to hold the cigarette. Why is this necessary? When the 'cigarette' becomes a roach, you use the wire to avoid burning your fingers.

For the smoker with no rolling skills, there are always tube papers. These rolling papers are already formed into tubes, and the smoking material is inserted into them by way of a 'shooter.' These are good for mass production of cigarettes in a hurry. Tubes also come in a cone shape.

Also, cardboard strips can be bought in a booklet and are used to create a 'filter' when they are rolled and inserted into the cigarette. This really doesn't filter the smoke but allows for holding the cigarette so that it can be smoked down to the end. It also keeps the smoking material from falling out.


Papers can be made of corn, rice, wheat, hemp, flax and in the case of blunt wraps, tobacco leaves. Each has a unique way of burning and creates a different taste or aftertaste. Some papers are designed to be slow burning, so the cigarette can be enjoyed leisurely.


Rolling papers come in a plethora of different flavors ranging from fruity to alcoholic. Here is a list.

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