"Bryter Layter" was Nick Drake's second album, released in 1970. Like Nick's debut "Five Leaves Left", the album was produced by Joe Boyd.

Nick Drake was an enigmatic talent in music. Too shy to perform in public, and never successful during his short life, he is now acknowledged as one of this century's major talents in folk music. He produced three albums in his 5 year career, plus a number of tracks which were released posthumously on "Time Of No Reply".

The fact that Nick was too shy to perform live created major problems for his record label Island Records. At a party to promote his new album "Bryter Layter", record executives ended up displaying a life-sized cardboard cut-out of the musician because he was unable to face the crowd.

"Bryter Layter" is probably Nick's most upbeat album. It features John Cale (from the Velvet Underground) on two tracks, as well as members from Fairport Convention.

Even though this is my least favorite of Nick's four albums, it still contains some of the most haunting and gorgeous music I've ever heard. It is on his next and final album "Pink Moon" that Nick's full talent would bloom, sadly just two years before his death.

Tracks: 1. Introduction 2. Hazey Jane II 3. At the Chime Of a City Clock 4. One Of These Things First 5. Hazey Jane I 6. Bryter Layter 7. Fly 8. Poor Boy 9. Northern Sky 10. Sunday

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