Today was a day. Just a day. A waste of time. A waste of space.

I went and saw X-Men on Saturday night. It was pretty cool for a popcorn movie. Just don’t take it seriously, and you’ll enjoy it a lot. I saw it at Eastgate theater in Portland, which has the largest THX screen in the Portland area. Needless to say, it was kick ass on that screen.

I washed my car at my mom’s house and helped her move furniture. She is excited about the cable modem. I keep thinking about getting one, but then I think “not yet” since I want to save more money than I spend.

I also went to see an EAP counselor on Saturday afternoon. I think she’ll help me work through my anger issues about work. I’ve also become depressed again. I really don’t want to start taking a drug like Zoloft again, but I guess we’ll see. I just want to feel better and not hate being at work so much. I don’t think that will happen until I find another job. I’m seeing her next Saturday, and I might get a referral to a psychiatrist to get drugs. I’m not sure yet. It helped a lot last time, but that was last time. The St. John’s Wort appears to not be working anymore, but I also haven’t been this upset in a long time. And, since I just looked at the St. John’s Wort node, then a couple of other sites to confirm, I shouldn’t be taking it anyway since I’m on birth control pills.

I’d rather be depressed than pregnant.

On Sunday I went to Forest Grove with Alex for the antique car show. We got lost on the way there, and I was very good at not getting mad at him for taking highway 99 all the way to Newberg instead of highway 26 past Beaverton. He even said he expected me to get mad. I didn’t. We found a little highway between Newberg and Forest Grove and got pointed in the right direction. The car show was cool, even though I got overheated and had to take a time out in the shade for a while. Lots of really neat cars in awesome condition.

Nodes That I Wrote Today That I Like More Than The Others:
Nothing really. I’ve been filling in blanks on other nodes I’ve written, and polishing others. Right now I just want to get to level 4 so I can start cooling things. I don’t want to be noding for numbers, and I haven’t felt like I have been doing that really until today. I just add things I find interesting I guess.

CD’s I’ve Listened To Today:
The PosiesDear 23
HoleCelebrity Skin
Fiona Apple - When The Pawn...

I can’t classify my musical taste. I like it that way.