Hole - Celebrity Skin
© 1998 DGC Records


  1. Celebrity Skin
  2. Awful
  3. Hit So Hard
  4. Malibu
  5. Reasons to be Beautiful
  6. Dying
  7. Use Once & Destroy
  8. Northern Star
  9. Boys on the Radio
  10. Heaven Tonight
  11. Playing Your Song
  12. Petals

This CD is a little more mature and polished than Hole's earlier work. Some of the songs were co-written by Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, which could have made a difference. Overall, not a bad listen. It lacks some of the viciousness of previous works, which is a little disappointing, but some of the songs are just as ruthless in a sweeter and lighter package.

Celebrity Skin is a men's magazine that publishes pictures of naked or semi-naked celebrity women. A lot of these "photos" aren't really photos at all; they're ripped off R-rated movies that the actress did when she was young and needed the money. Others seem to have been taken from about 300 yards away using a powerful zoom lens--these pictures are so indistinct that they could be about anybody. Occasionally, there are snapshots of women accidentally exposing themselves. (A photographer friend of mine once said that it's pretty easy to get such photos if you're patient and your victim wears revealing clothing. You just keep the camera trained on your victim until her dress slips, she bends over, a gust of wind catches her skirt, whatever. Then you take the picture.)

So, if you're the sort of guy who searches Usenet for those two shots of Natalie Portman topless, if you like fuzzy video captures from R-rated movies, if you want to see the dangling flabby breasts of someone who might or might not be Jennifer Lopez bending over to scratch her calf, and if you still haven't seen the Pam and Tommy home video, then Celebrity Skin is for you. I personally find it pretty lame.

  • Pictorials: none, really, just whatever pictures they happen to dig up
  • Girls: fuzzy, indistinct
  • Penetration: the pictures are usually too fuzzy to tell
  • Lesbian: sure, if you count Ellen DeGeneres kissing her girlfriend hello
  • Guy/Girl: well, sort of--there are often captures from a love scene
  • Group: none
  • Fetish: none, unless you consider Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee to be a fetish. Or Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly.
know_no_bounds's rating: *

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