American pop/rock band from Bellingham, Washington. Their music style is straight-forward, intelligent rock, with some twists. Maybe not as well known as many of their contemporary colleagues but definetely worth your while listening to. One if their best albums is Amazing Disgrace which is a little uneven but contains some of the finest songs one would hope to hear ever. (Please Return It, Precious Moments, Daily Mutilation).


From the "Posies FAQ" by Wendi Dunlap, Thomas Durkin, Ken Stringfellow, Gavin Guss, and others.


  • Failure (1988, PopLlama)
  • Dear 23 (1991, DGC)
  • Frosting on the Beater (1993, DGC)
  • Amazing Disgrace (1996, DGC)
  • Success (1998, PopLlama)
  • Alive Before The Iceberg (1999 Houston Party)
  • In Case You Didn't Feel Like Plugging In (Casa, 2000)
  • At Least At Last (boxed set) (Not Lame, 2000)
  • The Best of The Posies - Dream All Day (Geffen, 2000)
  • Nice Cheekbones and a Ph.D. (Houston Party, 2001)

The band broke up in 1998 and the members went on to different solo projects. Later, although still officially disbanded, The Posies continued to record and release records, and it seems as if they are still very much active.

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