The Fastbacks are a staple of the Seattle sound yet they managed to completely avoid mass exposure via the "grunge" trend of the early 90's, which is most likely a Good Thing.

Formed in 1979, the Fastbacks originally consisted of Shannon Wood (vocals), Lulu Gargiulo (guitar), Kim Warnick (bass), and Kurt Bloch (drums). This lineup did not last long, prior to their first live show (February 16, 1980 at the Laurelhurst Recreation Center in Seattle) Shannon Wood split (mmm .. pun-y goodness) and Kim and Lulu took the vocal reins. The band then met Duff McKagan (future Guns N' Roses bassist .. *cue crowd boo-ing/hissing in contempt sound effect*) who took Kurt's spot as drummer allowing Kurt to move to guitar. Duff became the first in a long line of drummers to grace the stage with the core of the Fastbacks (Kurt, Lulu, Kim).

Next drummer up was Richard Stuverud with whom the Fastbacks recorded their first EP, "Play Five of Their Favorites" (or "Five Favorites") which was released on July 30, 1982. Around this time Lulu and Richard called it quits, but both would return some number of months later in time to record the "Everyday is Saturday" EP.

In 1987, after one "major" tour and around five drummers, the band finally released a full-length album, And His Orchestra. As the 80's came to a close, the Fastbacks were on the verge of entering the Hallowed Halls of Seattle Bands of Yesteryear, "things" with Lulu reached intolerable levels and she quit/was fired/whatever and wouldn't return for two years. Despite all this another LP, Very, Very Powerful Motor, was recorded and released.

After a state of limbo, with no drummer and no rhythm guitar, the band reunited with rejuvenated spirits and resumed the normal Fastbacks pace of events (ie. going through drummers like a Canon BJC-4300 goes through ink catridges). In 1992 the band hooked up with Sub Pop and released "The Question is No", a collection of rarities from the band's thirteen years. Zucker would come a year later on the same label. Shortly thereafter the band met Mike Musburger (formerly of The Posies) and he's been their drummer since (for the most part).

In 1996 the Fastbacks toured with The Presidents of the United States of America and then went on a world tour with Pearl Jam which lasted several months. Since then the band has basically been recording and playing handfuls of shows here and there around the Seattle area, keeping the flow of wonderful pop-y punk tunes steady.

current lineup (subject to change):

Kurt Bloch - guitar
Lulu Gargiulo - guitar
Kim Warnick - bass
Mike Musburger - drums

(thank you

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