"Suit by Armani. Hair by Jim Henson."

Born 30 October 1968 in Hollywood, CA; best known as co-founder of Seattle pop-rock outfit the Posies. Since the Posies ostensibly broke up in 1998 (though he and Jon Auer went on an acoustic duo tour in 1999 and have been touring intermittently ever since), he's been focusing on his other projects. In addition to providing vocals for the Orange Humble Band, touring as multi-instrumentalist with R.E.M., and collaborating with artist Bootsy Holler in Twin Princess, Stringfellow has also launched a solo career. In 1997, he released This Sounds Like Goodbye, comprised mostly of experimental electronic noodling with one really excellent original song, "Too True". After this, he concentrated on his short-lived band Saltine, which released several singles but disbanded in 2000. In 2001, he started performing solo dates (just him, his guitar and his Roland) in Europe and stateside, and put out another LP, Touched, on Manifesto Records. This record is comprised of some reworked Saltine songs and some new stuff; Ken plays all instruments and sings in the best voice he's been in for years. Listening to it is like being kicked in the gut - in the best way.

For a while, he could be spotted at a great distance due to his Crayola-red (and indeed Muppetesque) hair; now, he's back to a slightly more subdued black-and-green dye job.

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