Yes. I know. I swore there'd never be another.

My friend Elaine from high school had been in Hong Kong all summer until a few days ago, and I offered to take her out to lunch to catch up on old times. She'd been a email recipient of the whole McDonald's series of events and had followed my hardships with some enthusiasm. Her one condition for going to lunch with me: It had to be at McDonalds.

Luckily, the truly EEEEVIL McDonald's was too far from where she worked to meet me at, so we settled on one about halfway between us. I was still really nervous, because the tragedies had been growing more serious (for me, anyway) each time I returned.

Nothing happened. We had a great time, even though I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure the Grim Reaper wasn't trying to sneak up behind me. I figure since I went back for a good cause, there was no need to punish me.

Important and Humorous Addendum: After I got home from work, I went with my mother to drop off her computer at the repair shop (because she didn't take my advice, a la The "My Parents Suck With Computers" Node). Everything went fine, until we got back outside to the car. She noticed she didn't have her keys. She emptied out her pocket book, no dice. I ran back into the store to make sure she didn't leave them on the dice. I peek in through the window to see if the keys were left on the seat. Guess where they were?

In the ignition.

The car was still on.


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