I decided, since it's been a week, it's safe to scope out McD's again. I went alone, because I really didn't feel like dragging anyone into the line of fire in case the fired girl is waiting outside for me with a shotgun. The supervisor is different, but a few of the servers look familiar. Either they don't recognize me or they're doing a good job hiding it. I decide this is going to be a New Era, not a RimRod Gets People Fired Era, so I get a nice quarter-pounder instead of my usual grilled chicken. Can you sense the suspense building?

I get my fries and drink, and then the server says the burger will be a minute, but if I go and sit down she'll bring it out to me as soon as it's ready. This hasn't happened before, but I'm not about to say anything, because we all remember what happened the last time I opened my mouth. She thanks me for coming to McDonalds (woohoo!) and I go to sit down.

After about ten minutes of munching on my fries, I realize I still haven't gotten my food. I'm seriously debating just forgetting about it to avoid another international incident, but my stomach overrides me and I go up to the counter. I ask the server girl if my burger is ready, and now *she* starts getting really apologetic. My heart just starts sinking, and I start looking for the nearest escape route. Next, she hands me by burger and then says, "I'll be right back." I'm freaking out now, and I'm about two steps away from just running with my burger to the door and getting the hell out of there.

But, she comes back a second later and hands me a pile of $1 gift certificates, apologizing for the delay. I've got one of the gift certificates from *last* visit taped up by my office at work, and I realize that absolutely no one there is going to believe that I just walked out with more. I just completely lose it, and I'm laughing uncontrollably, just staring at the gift certificates in my hand. I've got the attention of the whole wait staff at this point, and now I know that some of them must recognize me from last week. At this point I just walk out and drive back to the office, because I figure I've got about another minute before something else weird happens.

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