If you read Building a fort out of desks and computer boxes, you know the story of Fort Rimrod and it's inception. What I failed to take into account at the time, however, is that due to most of my coworkers working insane 80 hour work weeks, I am usually the last one in the office. I realized this sometime last night and began wondering just what was going to happen when I arrived at work today.

My first clue something was amiss was the giant tarps on the walls around the entrance way to the office. My first thought was "Hmmmm, maybe they're doing some painting today." As soon as I turned the corner, however, I heard "FIRE!!!!" screamed rather loudly, followed by several dozen water balloons being hurled at me from inside of Fort Rimrod. Apparently my problem was that everyone took the prank too well, and instead of disciplining me or just putting their desks back, they patiently waited for me to arrive so they could drench me. Keep in mind everyone else in my office is about 50 years old, and you begin to see what a weird sight this was.

I'm still dripping wet.

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