The problem with many sexual fantasies is the suspension of disbelief that eventually must occur for anyone with some semblance of a rational mind. When sexual fantasy is used to stimulate a couple during foreplay or an individual sitting alone working to relieve some kind of pent up energy or just trying to find that special feeling, the mood is often lost when the fantasy becomes too unrealistic.

"Oh, come on.
That could never happen."

The line between what is possible, conceivable or just extremely unlikely jumps around wildly. Picture Jimmy sitting on his bed fantasizing about Julie from school. The things he imagines her doing are exciting and stimulating to him, and yet as he adds to the fantasy it becomes unreal. This is where the mind control storyline comes into play.

Popular as a sub-category of erotic and pornographic stories, the mind control theme allows for a far greater extension of fantasy. Jimmy's troubles imagining Julie standing over him and making him satisfy her sexual needs hit a speed bump because Julie is just not naturally a very aggressive person. However, if she has been subjected to some means of mind control and an unknown force demands that she seek satisfaction in this way, the speed bump may be smoothed out. Or, it can be that Julie is secretly part of a cult and she is using the powers she has attained through the cult to control Jimmy's actions. Now anything is possible in the sexual fantasy and it need not be limited to what is truly believable.

Introducing a device that generally requires additional suspension of disbelief may seem counterproductive to the goals of the fantasizer. However, in sexual fantasy, often the non-sexual elements do not require as much realism as the sexual elements. You can win a brand new Mercedes in a contest and cruise around town in it, but when you get to the nightclub you are still the same shy boy you've always been. Do not fear! The Mercedes came with a secret. There is a powerful drug emitted when the air conditioning is turned on. This drug seeps in through your sinuses and takes control of your mind, turning you into an aggressive master of women who hypnotizes them with your eyes.

The mind control fantasy is similar to the rape fantasy on two levels. It involves a loss of control that allows you to do things during the course of the fantasy that you normally would not do. It can also involve humiliation and degradation, which are often components of fantasy that are rarely acted upon or desired in real life.

The means of mind control used in fantasies and stories can take any imaginable form. Hypnosis, drugs, technology and even alien or spiritual intervention can be the means by which control is attained. The fantasizer may the one being controlled or the one doing the controlling. The fantasy theme may range from being enslaved to the whims of one person to being made to sexually satisfy hordes of strangers.

Fantasy is a realm of the mind and as long as it remains fantasy, it can be a good thing. Beware if you begin obsessing about these fantasies and wanting to make them real or if you start trying to hypnotize people in bars with less than honorable intentions. Seek counseling immediately if you start trying to control the minds of other people or asking strangers to please control yours.