I'm horny, but you're not here. I've been reading erotic nodes for 20 minutes and I want to feel you pressed against me. But I haven't heard from you all day. I haven't seen you in almost a week. And my body is craving things I can't have right now.

I want to stop thinking about the stress that has been plaguing me all day. I want to stop thinking entirely. I just want motion and touch, but you're not here, and her words are flowing across my screen. The thought of her lips on mine seem so much more real at the moment. It would be stupid, we wouldn't work, but, oh god, .. I think she could make me scream. And, to have the taste of her on my tongue... my stomach clenches at the thought.

I need to stop, I need... something else... because I can't have what I want. I can't have my head between her thighs. I can't feel her weight pressed up against me... and my mind is going wild, either one will do, someone take me now, please... you've teased me and led me close to what I want.. but my mind has been wandering tonight... and tonight I don't care.. you, or her, or the her I almost had, or maybe... gods, someone please...

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