Lists are one of the most basic forms of writing. It was Rabelais who parodied the repetition of begats in the Old Testament with recitations of books, games, and people in Gargantua and Pantagruel. In the last century, Pynchon, Millhauser, and MacDonald, among others, have elevated the catalog to acceptance in literature. However, a mundane register of items with neither definition nor context is a dull thing.

As a follow-up to the M:tG card purge, I consulted with a couple other Editors on the M:tG decklists noded here. We came to the agreement that the majority of the decklists on E2 are terse listings of cards, and now that the cards themselves are gone, these are little more than indices of things that aren’t here. So, as a little editor project, I’ve been going through the database, deleting decklists. There are several internet sites dedicated to the development and analysis of M:tG decks. Those sites are a much more effective venue and audience for this kind of discussion and have affected the metagame quite a bit over the years.

Here, then, is the enumeration of my first month’s activities as an Editor, a list, without pretentions to literature, some entries of which are things that aren't here.
    This section is to note subjects that are in need of treatment, either a writeup or a more comprehensive writeup. If you're looking for something to node, maybe one of these is for you. I might even get around to a couple of these myself, but they are low on my list.
  • baseball player Chipper Jones NODED! by Davidian
  • powerlifting NODED! by lovejoyman
  • as if I would recommend we need a psycho hose beast writeup
  • the short-lived softdrink with floaty-bits, orbitz, could use a comprehensive treatment
  • convince us that Blue Star Ointment is a wonder-drug and give us some history besides
  • the "public-access UNIX system", Nyx, could do with some consideration
  • has anyone tried out the Neoplanet web browser? care to write an evaluation of it?
  • Messrs Albert Axell and Hideaki Kase have recently published what might be the definitive work on Japanese kamikaze pilots, Kamikaze: Japan's Suicide Gods, which included the much ballyhooed translation of a "Manual for Kamikaze", excepts of which have been published in Harper's, the Guardian UK, and many other periodicals. I'm certain that there is information in that work that would improve or justify several nodes, not the least of which is Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?.

  • Drop me a /msg if you take on one of these.
  • There may be a noder out there who can give us a truly comprehensive treatment of the phenomenon of guitar smashing however that noder can run it by an editor before posting it
  • No one had a good time in middle school. We were cruel, then, having just begun to suspect that "the golden rule"s we were taught did not bear on our elders. We were too busy to remark upon why do middle school math classes need calculators?, and our later-day musings tend to become anecdotal and unnecessary.
  • Penny Arcade vs User Friendly the first WU in this node helpfully points out that this discussion is a matter of taste not likely to have a resolution, which did not stop other noders from posting under it

Chras4 said Once upon a time there was a wildflower that grew in the median of the highway ... it thrived there each day despite the gas fumes and the cigarette ashes and hamburger wrappers tossed out windows. Still it reached its petals to the sun. Why is that do you think?

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