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February 3, 2003: Increased security monitoring on the account locking functionality.

Removed potential img src injection hole inside of editor notes. The new policy is that you can still have URLs, simply no dynamic ones. We may be able to scale that back to only onsite dynamic URLs, but I'm going to play it safe for now. Thanks to Apatrix for pointing it out to me.

February 8, 2003: Added dbtable index page, and created a link to it from the dbtable index page, per tye's suggestion from perlmonks.

February 11, 2003: Changed firmlinks to sort by title. Several times. My gratitude to atesh for his bug-finding.

February 13, 2003: Added printable links to E2 Scratch Pad and the E2 Scratch Pad Viewer.

February 14, 2003: Added ipfrom to help people deal with webcache and bot-issues.

February 25, 2003: Miscellaneous updates. Important to note that call's edevdoc E2 Bookmarklets has been promoted to a general use document for the world to use.

Created searchwords as a dbtable, to help explain to people about m_turner's searching idea.

Fixed uninitialized value warning inside of

perl -e 'print pack("H*","526f6f74204c6f67202d2046656272756172792c20323030330a")'

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Friday, February 21, 2003

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(When EDC made me their slave)

More information about some of these items, may be found on E2's SourceForge page: .

This month I mainly added a few options and added a little more information to the display. (First number is day of month, second number is day of year.)

7, 38

  • as per C-Dawg's suggestion, added option for editors to default to "signing" Klaproth's messages (when an editor deletes a writeup, the message from Klaproth will show the editor's name in parenthesis); modified the killing floor II (superdocnolinks) and user settings 2 (superdoc)

9, 40

  • updated List Nodes of Type (superdoc)
    • sorting option is now a user pref.
    • now shows "age" of node
    • now editors may also use it (previously only edev and admins were allowed)
    • added sorting options: title, author's ID, create time (previously just node_id)

10, 41

  • displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode)
    • added paragraph and sentence count when showing writeup length
    • added much caching, as a preliminary step in also allowing custom writeup footers

11, 42

  • voteit (htmlcode)
    • fuzzy and blue suggested making donfreenut's Butterfinger McFlurry writeup always marked-for-destruction, but not actually deleting it; a quick little test was added for this (note that it is still votable)
    • removed getting of default-to-mercy-kill setting for editors, since now all writeup deletions are mercy-killed (which also saves us from hitting the DB twice per page load when viewing an e2node or a writeup)
  • ednsection_cgiparam (htmlcode) - the edev nodelet's CGI parameter section now makes any key starting with 'debug' (case insensitive) show more of the value, and show in a fixed-width font

20, 51

  • (prettyization) changed display of accrued devpoints in the EDev nodelet to be, like, 1337 (Everything Developer (nodelet))
  • (information) added display of the node's age in the EDev nodelet
  • (information) for admins, Other Users (nodelet) user-is-in-a-room icon now says room's ID the user is in when pointer is hovered over the room indicator

26, 57

  • (back-end, prettyization) more messing with displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode), along with htmlcodes displaywriteuptitle so it don't pass $$VARS{wuhead} (displayWriteupInfo handles this now) and printableheader to use displayWriteupInfo instead of doing its own lame header
  • (prettyization) made voteit (htmlcode) not show voting buttons in printable displaytype and the writeup wasn't voted on
  • (prettyization) made CoolUncoolIt (htmlcode) not show C! link in printable displaytype

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