An odd drink available from varying parts of the US. The bottle looks like the glass part of a lava lamp. The drink has little floating balls of stuff in it, which are completely suspended in the liquid (they don't sink or rise at all). I've never drunk mine, since it looks so cool. Comes in several flavors and colors.

The little balls that float in the drink are very similar to Jell-O and are fun to chew on. They are what gives the drink a majority of its flavor, though the clear liquid has the high fructose corn syrup in it, which makes it sugary. I like the one with the red balls in it. It is fun to just tip the bottle around though and pretend its a lava lamp that doesn't need electricity.

Orbitz ( is a consortium of major US air carriers (American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Northwest and United Airlines) which have joined forces to start an internet travel company. Apparently they weren't satisfied to sit back and let the likes of Sabre ( or Microsoft ( dominate the market. The FTC launched an anti-trust investigation, but apparently found that there was no danger of monopoly.

They're currenly having a little squabble with Southwest Airlines, who didn't get invited into the consortium, and is attempting to sue to have their flight listings removed from the site. IBM developed the site, but was reportedly pestered into using rival BEA's Weblogic environment instead of their own Websphere.

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