Incredible Universe was an electronics superstore, known for its immense size, and wide array of electronic products, that ranged from computers and CDs, to household appliances. In addition to the products offered at the store, Incredible Universe was known for the extra features that the store offered. Some of these features included: face painting, laser light shows, and karaoke contests. The first Incredible Universe was opened near Portland, OR in 1992, by the Fort Worth based Tandy Corporation, which is known for another chain of electronics stores - Radio Shack.

However, during the spring of 1996, sales, and profits started to decline. Some reasons as to why sales were less than spectacular included a decrease in appliance sales (which made up 55% of profits), and overemphasis on store atmosphere, rather than the actual products.

Now, many Incredible Universe stores have been replaced by Fry's Electronics stores. Despite that, Incredible Universe is still credited as being a pioneer of huge store sizes, amazing product selection, and superfluous additions.

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