Brewed by the Long Beach Brewing, Co. It is another of the lemon brews that have started to become popular. Yet this is my personal favorite of the ones I've tried (Two Dogs, Hooper's Hooch, Mike's, and Doc Otis). Plus it is named after a cool band. Yes this drink is named after Sublime.

It is a pulpy, yellowish, clear malt beverage. It is actually a lemon lime drink. Maybe the lime is the secret? I don't know. Because of the pulp you want to turn the bottle over once before opening so you don't end up with a super pulpy drink at the end. Get the pulp distributed better.

My mistake on the beer/beverage thing, I forgot about the Lou dog being the bottle (doh!), and I didn't mention the licensing of the name cause I thought it was obvious since they use a logo from the band and other things.

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