A little boy tells his grandfather, "I feel like I have two dogs inside me. One is mean and evil and wants to bite people and hurt them. The other is a nice puppy who just wants to lick your face and be loved."

The Grandfather says, "Which one do you think will win?"

The little boy says, "I guess the one I feed."

The common name for Two Dogs Brewing Company. They make Two Dogs Lemon Brew, Two Dogs Orange Brew, and Two Dogs Apple Brew. All three are said to be made from Duncan MacGillivray's original recipe. The Lemon Brew is the companies Flagship product. The tale behind the beer says that Duncan MacGillivray, an owner of a small brewery and pub in australia, was having a beer with some friends that owned a lemon farm. They commented on wondering what to do with all their lemons that they couldn't sell due to size. Duncan said "I'll try brewing them." He soon had a truck of lemons on his hands and went to work brewing them. The result was a beer that started selling pretty well. Now Duncan was faced with marketing and selling the beer and had to come up with a name. All he could think of was the punch line to a joke he had heard. Thus Two Dogs Brewing Company as born. You will also notice a "Why Do You Ask?" on the bottle, it is also part of the joke.

You can now find the Two Dogs products in many countries. And it's alcohol content is about 4%.

see www.twodogs.com for more info about the company and to see "the joke" illustrated. It is a very unfunny joke so I'm not even going to bother telling it here.

My personal opinion of this beer is that it closely tastes like lemonade. It is a good beer for a hot day. I can't drink too many in a row without getting sick of it. About 3 or 4 is all I can handle before I need to switch to drinking something else. I've heard the Orange brew compared to Orange soda, but I couldn't really remember what orange soda tasted like the one time I've tried it.

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