Something that mysteriously attacked my nervous system when I was in fourth grade. Bellspalsy affects the nerve endings and renders parts of the body numb, preventing movement and senstation. My case was very strange; not only is this a genetic affliction that can't be traced anywhere in my ancestry, but it only affected a side of my face.

I was basically fine, aside from a few annoying quirks: I had to wear an eye patch because I couldn't blink that eye. And eating was kind of tricky. Otherwise, I was perfectly fine and entertained my peers by executing very animated facial expressions and effortlessly keeping half of my face completely blank.

The doctors were baffled by my case and couldn't tell me when or if I would get better, which scared the shit out of me. However, a few months later it was totally gone, as mysteriously as it had appeared.

Now, the even stranger part II of this saga is the fact that more than 10 years later, my golden retriever came down with some unnknown illness, causing one side of her face to droop. Her eye was all runny and hangy and she had trouble eating without food falling from that side of her mouth. It was really weird and baffled the vets. All they could say was that it was a strange freak case of temporary bellspalsy, something very uncommon but not unheard of for dogs to come down with. It went away after about a month. Now is that fucking weird or what?

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