History of the world: 11/18/XX


Paxil log: day 4;
So I have been on paxil now for 4 days. It seems to have SOME effect on me. I've noticed several things:
  • Every time I take a pill I gotta shit about 20-30 minutes later.
  • People who used to really annoy me are now just a droneing background noise.
  • The sky is much bluer, really... I thought at first it was maybe just my imagination, but when I look around, colors really do seem a bit more vivid, weird.
  • I still get all anxious and panicky around people I dont know, but thinking about it is easier.
  • I can now seem to trigger mild panic attacks when I am in a situation where I think I should have one, but I dont, and I start thinking about it.
  • I sleep _MUCH_ better, and wake up easier.
There's more, but that's mostly it. It seems to be a close balance of pros and cons. I'm told many of the negative side effects will eventually go away, so this is, over all, a good thing I think.

In other news, I've been in a writeup slump. It seems I have only been doing my daily history logs, and not much else. Maybe I'll change soon, who knows.
Our good friend Pseudo_Intellectual brought up a point with me concerning the daylogs and my little history of the world stuff. So, anyone who actually reads this, please /msg me if you have an oppinion on the following:
1 Should I continue to node the little history things, which I compile by hand from 2 or 3 websites and a little book of facts about dates, and put them in the daylogs as part of my exsisting daylog (which I write almost every day).
2 Should I stop it altogether, give up, it's futile and hopeless, I would better spend my time trying to nail both my hands to lime green jello.
3 Should I keep nodeing the daily history W/U's but node them separate from the daylogs in their own node to avoid the problem with the year? instead of noding 11/15 in November 15, 2000 should I create a new node for this date, and node them there, getting rid of the date issue.

Pros and Cons:
1. Pro: it's easy, and it gets read sometimes.
1. Con: I can renode the exact same info a year from now

2. Pro: Lime Green Jello
2. Con: Will result in pain, may result in death.

3. Pro: 2 write ups for the price of one.
3. Con: Some may see it as cheating, or lame.

So, anyone who has any advice, let me know. I think from this day forward I will start to node them as seprate nodes to apease the gods, but if anyone feels otherwise, let me know in a /msg.

Anyways, that's about it for today I guess.