Most populated island of Hawai'i. Carries about 80% of the states population. Has a population that is 68% Pacific islander and Asian. The island is dependant on the Military and Tourism for its economy. The island has two universities, the University of Hawaii and Hawaii Pacific University. The weather and scenery are beautiful but the cities of the island itself are grotesque because of horrible architecture and the low standard of living . 'Oahu has many majory military bases most important among these are Pearl Harbour and Hickam Air Force Base.

Some of that-guy's writeup is correct. However, there are at least four universities on Oahu: besides HPU and UH, there is Chaminade University and an extension campus of Brigham Young University (there are a great many Mormons in Hawaii; in fact, there is a suburb of Honolulu near Pearl Harbor named Salt Lake). After the military and tourism, the most important industry is agriculture. Some of the architecture is as bad as he says, bringing to mind Los Angeles, but some is beautiful. As for the low standard of living, it's true that it is expensive to live there; almost everything has to be shipped in and it's common for residents to have two or more jobs. However, the extra money you spend to live there buys you clean air, eternal summer, beaches in every direction, and unspoiled natural beauty fifteen minutes' drive from downtown Honolulu. You pays your money and you takes your chances.

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