Name used in the United States and Britain for the steam locomotive type classified as 4-6-2 in the Whyte notation. Named after the Missouri Pacific, one of the first purchasers of this type of locomotive.

Pa*cif"ic (?), a. [L. pacificus: cf. F. pacifique. See Pacify.]

Of or pertaining to peace; suited to make or restore peace; of a peaceful character; not warlike; not quarrelsome; conciliatory; as, pacific words or acts; a pacific nature or condition.

Pacific Ocean, the ocean between America and Asia, so called by Magellan, its first European navigator, on account of the exemption from violent tempests which he enjoyed while sailing over it; -- called also, simply, the Pacific, and, formerly, the South sea.

Syn. -- Peacemaking; appeasing; conciliatory; tranquil; calm; quiet; peaceful; reconciling; mild; gentle.


© Webster 1913

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