A town in British Columbia, part of Metro Vancouver, but north and west of Vancouver proper. West Vancouver is across the Burrard Inlet from the downtown peninsula, and is immediately west of North Vancouver. West Van is mostly residential, and because of the amazing views of the surround ocean and mountains, property values are very high. West Van has its own bus system, (somewhat) segregated from the rest of the Translink system, called the West Van Blue Buses. They provide great, fast service to downtown Vancouver across the lions's gate bridge, though service to individual spots in West Van is a bit spotty, because almost everyone has a car. Or eight. The only major feature is Park Royal, a big mall at the entrance to West Van, which gets a lot of traffic as it is en route to the Horseshoe Bay ferries. Other than that, West Van is very quiet. It is bounded by the Burrard Inlet on the south, mountains on the north, North Vancouver to the east, and Horseshoe Bay and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

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