At first, I am in a dark place. I cannot tell if it is day or night; it seems as if I'm in a cave, perhaps a large underground building. I am with many compatriots, people I trust. I feel safe with them.

We are dressed in dark colours, and we are intent on reaching a particular destination, but I do not know why. I am not privy to this information; I don't care. There is a young woman with blond hair in a tight braid who I know very well and trust with my life. She smiles at me reassuringly and says, It's okay. We're cool. You ready to go to work? I reply in the affirmative. I am aware of a tap on my shoulder. A friend with dark hair, looking startlingly like me, grins at me. A wolfish grin. Let's go.

So we go. We are running now, and I pull out my sidearm. I know I have a larger gun, a MAC-10, but I don't use it. Nor do I use my P90. My sidearm is a Desert Eagle .50, and I check to see it's loaded as I'm running. I'm comfortable doing this; I'm no stranger to firearms. My partner and I are leading our group of twenty. We are running but we are quiet. We are good at what we do, and we barely make a sound as we run.

Eventually, we end up by an underground - by now I am convinced we are underground - lake. A few shouts as we set up a dinghy to cross the lake. Quickly, we are on our way. There are enemies behind us, I assume, and my partner and I are last to cross on the dinghy, to assure our fellows that their way is safe. We get in the dinghy when it returns. The water is eerily calm and horribly dark, and I dislike looking into its black depths. I am contemplating this, when a huge sea snake creature bursts out of the water. I scramble to get my MAC-10 out and draw a bead on the creature. It stretches easily thirty feet in the air, screaming, rocking my boat a little. No big deal though; I'm a crack shot. I unload a clip into its mouth (forgive the sexual innuendo, Mr. Freud), and it is only angered!. Damn that thing. My partner is shouting at me; in anger, to get to the small island we find. I jump onto it, and duck behind a large rock. My partner fixes the engine, very quickly while I am looking for the sea creature, which has apparently went underwater again. The water is somewhat calm again. (I have no idea how the engine became broken; perhaps while the sea creature attacked.)

I am momentarily heartbroken when I spot a set of bloody army boots, and one of our outfit's issue MAC-10s. I take it in hand, and I grin a smile of unhappy anger at my friend as I load fresh clips into both my weapons. He grins back. Sort of.

(I briefly wake up; dream is unsynced)

Somehow, I end up on shore, and there is a large cargo elevator to my right, and a huge garage-type of door to my left. The door of it is slowly rising, creaking and screaming its distaste. Perhaps it's been out of use for a while. I see several men on the other side. My blond braided friend has a huge gun pointed at him, and they're screaming at each other to drop each others' weapons. I raise both my guns and point them at random bad guys...