A very popular Half-Life teamplay mod. There are eight preconfigured classes and a "custom" option. With the custom class, you start with 30 credits. You cant lose/gain credits like money; 30 is just enough to be either a rounded out character or a specialist (Sniper rifles are ~15 creds, for example). Usually you want one big gun and a pistol or something as a backup. Also, some servers require a helmet (3 credits), which you should probobly get regardless of the server rules. Then you pick one skill; eventually, you get promoted, giving you more skills.

The interesting part about firearms is that instead of quickspawn (Team Fortress) or round-based (Counter-Strike) gameplay, Firearms uses "reinforcements" (reins). Both teams start with a buttload of reins. Every time someone dies on a team, they use one of their team's reins to respawn. Eventually, one team runs out, can no longer respawn, and quickly ceases to exist. Completing objectives gets you bonus reinforcements.

I have one problem with Firearms. You never get to use your backup weapon enough. FAMAS-ing is fun for a while, and getting the grenade launchers is nice, but in the end its missing the charm of Akimbo Desert Eagle Kamekazi rushing. Still, it's very fun.

There are five types of maps (their abbreveation starts the map name, eg. sd_durandal):

  • CTI: Capture the Intelligence. A.K.A. Capture the flag. Get something from the other team, bring it somewhere else (usually back to your base)
  • SD: Search & Destroy. Most of the time, you have to destroy enemy crates, as in sd_durandal. Explosives recommended.
  • TC: Territorial Control. There are areas all over the map that can be captured. For every minute held, these points reward you with some reinforcements.
  • PS: Push: Like territorial control, except more focused on linear gameplay. Capture all the points to get bonus reinforcements. Similar to Day of Defeat.
  • OBJ: "Objective". Anything that doesn't fall into the other categories.
The Skills:
  1. Marksmanship I/II
    • +1 Accuracy, use of scope on Anaconda.
    • +2 Accuracy (for a total of +3).
  2. Nomenclature
    • Decrease reload time by %25, useful if you only have one weapon.
  3. Battlefield Agility
    • No leg injury from falling, -%50 falling damage, faster when getting up from prone.
  4. Stealth
    • Can equip silencer on Beretta, Uzi, and MP5. Footsteps almost silent. Double knife damage. "you killed x with x" message does not show up for enemy team.
  5. Artillery I/II
  6. First Aid/Field Medicine
    • Special Medic Symbol, Free Bandages, Restore 10 hp, Bandage wounds, Treat wounded soldiers laying on ground (get one frag).
    • Restore 25 HP, Heal broken legs, Set hospice, Retore stamina bar to 100%. MEDIVAC wounded soldiers in the open for one frag AND one reinforcement.
  7. Leadership
    • Special leader skin, 4 new radio and voice commands, and special say_team command that says "LISTEN UP!" when they speak.
You get one skill point per ten frags.

Source: Firearms website (www.firearmsmod.com)

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