Putting things into boxes is not the same as
knowing why things do what they do

Just as taking on a task, with
painstaking attention to detail,
is not equivalent to completion.

Having the job and having the thing completed is,
in and of itself, a result.
The thing that matters.

It matters,
even if it is a watch that sits on a table
never telling anyone if they are late,

even if it were a minature cathedral
a two story monument to mediocre faith,
yes, and even if were just a list, say
the complete list of all of the books you do not own.

They would still be jobs started and finished.

Putting things into boxes is not the key.
Putting them into the right box,

that is what matters.








With assistance from and also for- saintlotus

No"men*cla`ture (?), n. [L. nomenclatura: cf. F. nomenclature. See Nomenclator.]


A name.




A vocabulary, dictionary, or glossary.



The technical names used in any particular branch of science or art, or by any school or individual; as, the nomenclature of botany or of chemistry; the nomenclature of Lavoisier and his associates.

© Webster 1913.

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