Dream 1 -

a quick background:

It is around Christmas time so my girlfriend, Christine, and I got a Christmas tree for my small second-story Isla Vista apartment (which by some standards would pass for a dorm with a few luxuries and freedoms). It's a real apartment and all, it's just that when twenty thousand (nearly all students) are living in one square mile, things can get a bit ridiculous. On to the dream.

Upon waking up, partially hung over, it's mid day, I leave my bedroom knowing that something's going on in the house. My apartment is now on ground level, and about twice as big with at least another bedroom (bringing it to three). The apartment is more like a house now and its layout is nowhere even close to the real aparment.

I look at the Christmas tree there in the middle of the living room, near the completely ajar front door. The tree is massive! At least seven feet tall with all of its goddamn pine needles all over the already dirty brown carpet. I'm only a second year here at UCSB and we smoke way too much weed to ever get off our asses and clean up as much as we should, but goddamn, what an impressive Christmas tree.

There are people passed out on the floors of every room, and I'm assuming these people are my friends, though I don't recognize them. I see a girl enter my house and I feel like I've been expecting her though I'm not sure why she is here. We begin to talk, though it seems like all sorts of chaos is starting to unravel outside.

Dream 2 - what happens if you sleep naked?

Some more background. I'd spent the previous evening at a keg party with my girlfriend and some friends and had gotten pretty featured. I left the party fairly pissed off because of something involving my girlfriend, who shortly thereafter pursued me as we argued on the way to my house. The issues had somehwat resolved plus we were drunk so we crashed in my bed, but I was piss drunk. So instead of just taking off my pants and leaving my boxers, I took them all off and went to sleep stark naked. Oops. This normally wouldn't be such a bad thing except I woke up a few times nearing sunrise wondering why the hell I was completely naked, but was unable or too lazy or perplexed to put any underwear back on. Here's the dream that follows.

I enter a toy store with some people I don't now recognize but in the dream had been acquainted with. The only person I really took notice of was the black girl. There were two others, and I'm assuming they were white.

Upon entering, the store owner greets us exuberantly, "You must be the ones they mentioned in the newspaper! The Marines! Come on in." We were, or at least I was, dressed in drab green and brownish almost fatigue like clothing, making us appear to be a part of the armed forces. I tried to explain to her that we weren't a part of it but she had already taken off with the two others I arrived with, and lead them into some sort of back room.

She was showing them the deep insides of her toy store. The security system and all those bells and whistles. I looked, perplexed, at the black girl beside me, who was almost my friend, but she offered no insight as to why the lady left without us, just a blank, disinterested look. I think I was pissed off and figured it had something to do with race, being that this girl was black and I am half Mexican, though you can't really tell just by looking at me. I look pretty much all white.

Next thing I know, the store is closed. The lights are out and nobody is around, and I'm stark naked. I don't know how my close got off but I quickly start trying to find my clothes, right when I see someone coming. I'm in one of those "damn I'm completely fucked" type of situations. I knew something was going on with the security system and alarm too, as in, I was about to be caught as an intruder. Fuck.

Somehow I get out of the situation. I find myself in another part of the store. The store is HUGE. The walls are lined with toys but the room I was in was at least 50'x50' with nothing in the center of the room. Just toys on the walls and a huge, vast, empty carpeted space that filled the rest of the room. I'm fucking NAKED again, dammit, but this time I find a toy that I really want. The toy isn't even a toy, except in the sense that it's drastically, almost comically, oversized. It's a melodica! But it's so huge, it might as well have been an oversized toy piano.

In retrospect, that melodica was so goddamn huge that I don't know if my lungs could have powered much more than one note at a time, let alone any sort of triads. Adding any sort of sevenths or other extensions were definitely out of the question, and polychords seemed laughable.

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