Nickname of Bruce Tognazzini.

Bruce was Apple Computer employee #66. He developed the first version of the "Apple Human Interface Guidelines" in 1978, and is still a guiding light in the field of human-computer interaction. He is currently working with the Nielson Norman Group (usability gurus).

Tog is a lot of fun to hear talking on his subject, and his book on interface design ("Tog on Interface") is an excellent read.

His website is, and it contains some excellent articles, including "When Interfaces Kill", and "How I made a small fortune (out of a much larger one)".

A TOG is also an acronym for a listener to the ever popular Terry Wogan's BBC Radio 2 morning show, Wake Up to Wogan. Standing for Terry's Old Geezers (or Terry's Old Gals), the TOG is apparently defined as '{someone who has} a state of mind recognised by many, as that feeling of being old before your time'.

Playing up to a stereotype of Volvo driving, flat cap wearing grumpiness, the TOG's are but mere servants of the TOGmeister as they refer to Wogan, but a surprising number of them have set up websites, with entire 'in-joke' glossaries, and pictures of the now famous TOG car stickers, which as my ex-housemate found out are next to impossible to remove.

So as not to offend the young'uns there is also a TYG, or Terry's Young Geezers (or Terry's Young Gals) Kids Club, for those under the age of 40.

Sources include:

Tog (?), v. t. & i.

To put toggery, or togs, on; to dress; -- usually with out, implying care, elaborateness, or the like. [Colloq. or Slang] Harper's Weekly.


© Webster 1913

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