Bomb Calorimeter is a device used to measure the heat transfer, standard combustion enthalpy, between system and surroundings at constant volume.

Oxygen bomb calorimeter
Fasten one end of the weighed iron ignition wire (10cm) to one binding post beneath the bomb head, and the other end to the other ignition post. Bend the wire down in the middle so that it will touch the sample in the capsule, and nothing else. Place the combustion capsule, captaining the sample (benzoic acid or naphthalene), in the loop beneath the bomb head. Put 1ml of water in the bomb. Lift the bomb head and screw it tight into the bomb. Fill the bomb with oxygen till around 25 atmospheres.

Fill the bucket with 2000 ml distilled water. Lower the bomb into the water carefully. Place it carefully into the shell; connect the firing box and put the lid assemble in place. Assemble the belt and then assemble the thermometer.

Record temperature every 30 seconds; observe the linearity for at least five minutes. Then press the ignition button, take reading for at least another five minutes.

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