Human-Computer Interaction sometimes also known as HCI or even CHI, is the area of computer science research that involves all aspects of the human-machine interface. It involves aspects of psychology, ergonomics, industrial design and many others. It is probably the softest area of computer science, and attracts a wide variety of proponents. A good introductory text is "Human-Computer Interaction", by Preece, Rogers, Sharp, Benyon, Holland and Cabey.

Human-computer interaction, or HCI, is the study of human interaction with computers. It is an intersection of computer science, behavioral science, design, psychology, and many more. It is a relatively young field but growing rapidly and therefore promises to make me a lot of money. Typically, people who study HCI work in small teams of designers and researchers in order to maximize the user experience. While most people think of large corporations such as Google, Apple, or Facebook, HCI is a common field utilized in many companies, especially IT consulting companies.

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