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Robyn Philippa Jocelyne Watt was born early on a Wednesday morning on the 16th of July, 1986. She lived with her parents, Roger and Frances Watt, in Brighton until the age of two. Even while suffering from a dislocated hip, she moved with her family to Essex. This became her residence for the next nine years, where she attended Thaxted Primary School; in her own words, "the best in the world." Ever popular, she attracted many good friends before moving up to the Perse School for Girls, Cambridge. She also had to endure a kidney operation and a broken arm.

Personal details

Height: 5ft2
Shoe size: 5 1/2 (UK)
Weight: 7 1/2 stone
Eyes: Blue
Interesting trivia: Robyn has no bed, she simply sleeps on a mattress, in her yellow-themed bedroom.


Robyn has one brother Laurie, who is a fan of wrestling. Her father Roger enjoys bikes and mountains, and his main interest is drawing. Mother Frances is an aspiring painter and has great enthusiasm for Italy: the culture and terrain. Robyn herself is one quarter Scottish, from her paternal grandfather, who died before her birth - but he too was an enthusiast of drawing and Scotland. His wife, who has since also passed away, is described by Robyn as "supernatural". Of her mother's parents, one survives: mother Doreen. Her husband was a powerful pianist, and Robyn follows in his footsteps, playing the guitar, flute and recorder in addition.


Two cats: Supercat and Daisy, and the sadly departed Topsy, Teddy, and Flossy.
Robyn has also owned fish, named Finny and Sparky.

Personal interests

At school, Robyn enjoys art and English, just as her parents did, and has a personal dislike of Maths. In her younger days, she would write many stories she now describes as "crap" but it was her strongest point at the time.

Robyn also has a deep-set belief in Wicca magic, and also likes fairy lights and duvets although I'm unsure if these interests are related. Robyn always tries to keep an open mind about people, regardless of their reputation. Also in her younger days, Robyn desired to be a vet but "was put off by Rolf Harris" - fair indeed. Later, she aspired to become a high-flying journalist and to live in Las Vegas or New York.

She has since furthur re-evaluated and now intends simply to avoid work in any way possible, and "travel the world in a massive bus with lots of music, duvets, glow-in-the-dark stars and food."

She hates any kind of routine, including school, and having lived in her current residence of Cambridge for five years, that has lost all interest for her.

The arts

Favourite book: Catcher In The Rye
Favourite film: High Fidelity
Favourite Disney film: The Little Mermaid
Favourite horror film: The Shining
Favourite television: The Fast Show, So Graham Norton and Spaced. Earlier in her life, she also enjoyed Hobsons and Co. which was sadly discontinued.
Favourite foods: Lemon sorbet, ice cream and Greek yogurt with sugar.
Favourite song: Sunflowers, by Everclear
Favourite album: So Much For The Afterglow, also by Everclear
Favourite places: Mountains, or the desert
Favourite animals: Cats, ducks and giraffes
Favourite saying: "When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose"
Favourite season: Summer, of course! Her self-described "anti-depressant"
Personal likes: Thunderstorms, badminton
Personal dislikes: Christmas, snow, and falling leaves, and also swimming, despite her former enthusiasm.