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Respect The Fucking Monkey

Unashamed nodevertising follows:
If you like hip-hop, even a little bit, click here!

Warning: Not about lesbians or monkeys.

Noding mathematics is good. Noding dinosaurs is even better. Noding both is beyond the grasp of most mortals.


Conclusion: Node more dinosaurs dammit!

By day, I am Soo Reams; by night, I am asleep.

Now part of 10998521's Mathematics for the Layman project, which is exactly what E2 needs. You can read all about it on his homenode, and you get near-daily reports on his namesake nodeshell into the bargain! I haven't written much for it yet, but I shall start in earnest.

The Highlights

Now you're here, you're probably are just interested in my best work. So I've put here the nodes that I, myself, me like the most, regardless of reputation. Ordered by category and everything! Take your pick:

Mathematics: My favourite topic

  • Gaussian prime: My first node ever! Updated and improved numerous times.
  • Greek number system: My highest rep math node. 'Tis good.
  • Game theory: There was already a great write-up here so I got to go into the details. Came good.

Dinosaurs: E2 is distinctly under-represented in this department.

Humour: I thought they were funny, anyway.

Music: Mainly rap, in fact.

  • Internal Affairs: Top quality Pharoahe Monch album, thoroughly noded at last.
  • Kaos: This took me ages. One person voted.
  • Infinite: Early album by Eminem. Worth reading about.

Art: Node More Art. It's hard to do, but E2 really lacks art stuff.

People who C! my stuff: I probably enjoy cucumbers in your image.

Four times: sid****, wertperch****.
Thrice: Eos***, Lometa***.
Twice: aneurin**, Aresds**, Footprints**, Great Neb**, Gritchka**, Hexter**, legbagede**, Nero**, SharQ**, trainman**.
Once: abiessu*, ariels*, bertilak*, break*, CapnTrippy*, Cletus the Foetus*, Chris-O*, CrowJane*, DejaMorgana*, DyRe*, enth* eponymous*, etouffee*, Ereneta*, Excalibre*, factgirl*, fondue*, FordPrefect*, Glowing Fish*, jaubertmoniker*, Jaez*, jethro bodine*, LadySun*, LaylaLeigh* Lucy-S*, m_turner*, Muke*, Oolong*, ophie*, pig*, pimephalis*, pottedstu*, Rancid_Pickle*, Roninspoon*, RubanAzarja*, sabby*, schist*, shmOOnkie pOOnks*, stupot*, Tem42*, thbz*, TheBooBooKitty*, whizkid*.

Now for some visualisaton:

 |                                d    
 |***   d                *         
 | **                       
 |***   ***    *                  
 |***d****        *        *        
 |**** **d**     ** *        *        *
 |**** d****             ***       *  
 |********      ***        *        * 
 |***  d***       *** *         **    * 
 | PAST                          PRESENT

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I vote up detailed factual nodes. Nodes that serve a purpose. Nodes that make me laugh while achieving something. Nodes utilising the word "monkey". The Butterfinger McFlurry node.

I vote down empty nodes, always. Nodes that try to be funny but aren't. Potentially interesting content phrased in a boring way. Undecorated lyrics. Nodes utilising the word "angiosperm".

Progression Through the Ranks

Became an Initiate: 17th March 2002
Became a Novice: 5th April 2002
Became an Acolyte: 21st May 2002
Became a Scribe: 12th January 2003

And now, a classic deleted node, up there with the Dead Rat Game and constanant

best way of making a cirlce look good

created by mrgimp
Wed Apr 09 2003 at 22:05:34

the best way of making a cirlce is to first photocopy some leaves and stick them down then draw the reflection of some trees in a window, trace them and then make them not quite fit, adn then write 'ing' on it.

Then take 72 photos of it and take them to safeway half an hour print while you shop. Then arrange tese photos in the shape of a pyramid.

Now take a clove of garlic and place it beneath the afore mentioned pyramid. Wait a few seconds and then lift it up to reveal the now finely chopped garlic, thus illustrating to your astonishment, the power of pyramids.

And circles of beauty.