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Fact: A transport convoy frequently used in secret by the "gods" was hijacked. Papers of varying importance were stolen by the resistance... love notes, incriminating message, transfer logs, and plans.

     Oh yes... plans.

Fact: These notes were recorded from a one way communication between Engineer Bonci, and Overlord Bones.

the stolen documents....

Communique: E2-06022002dde2

Engineering...This is Jay

...Yep, mmmm, no. mmhmmm yep. With that kind of bribe who wouldn't... He's been acclimated well. The new agent is in place among the people. They'll never suspect him.

I'm not worried sir, I think we'll be fine, fez is a dead shot with the cannons

...R3 and Admiral Pierce are also there. No sir, they'll never suspect the cookies or constricting scarves.

...Me? Eh, we've got a few things coming out of E2 tech. Materials have been slow after edev raided the outpost for the Resistance. We'll hit them back soon. SOON.

____/==== 2002: June 1

Cleaned out totally the old sqljob functionality. This removes it from the database entirely. Wave farewell to:

  • Minor usage clicksaver from panamaus for CE's for the titles link.

____/==== 2002: June 2

  • Cleaned up the Admin HOWTO a bit
  • Fixed writeup reparenting, so that you can now reparent to an id in Magical Writeup Reparenter
  • Performance and stability work in the automation suite, adding two new tests for e2nodes, and fixing a third. Misc fixes to the harness

____/==== 2002: June 10

  • Robotic editor shack had some severe memory overrun issues, probably related to what I think (at this point) is a bug in DBI after nearly a week of trying to hunt it down. It seems that buffering the results in the test harness keeps it from leaking memory, where as reading directly from the DBI objects would cause it to roll over and die. This may be due to the ancient version of perl/DBI that we have on hillgiant. Strange. The batch will naturally begin again in a few hours, so I will see if it cron's correctly then.

____/==== 2002: June 11

  • Fixed search so that you can search for a broader range of types. This includes things like the E2 Scratch pad. It's a superdocnolinks, so it wasn't covered under the default search types. Created a setting default searchtypes, and that tacks it on to all of the search forms, including jukka and ekw.

____/==== 2002: June 12

  • Whacked the fastlog nodetype and dbtable. It was a prototype that didn't do anything. More cleanup!

____/==== 2002: June 19

  • Lots of fixes. Robotic Editor Shack is now permanently fixed. There were two nodes that were hanging up the e2nodes. This exposes two problems that we need to correct
    • No node can be named "0"
    • No node title can be null
    I manually repaired them, and now the tests run normally, every other day. We'll probably be putting in tests to accomodate for those problems.
  • Whacked the heavenglimpse htmlcode. It didn't work, and was merely a test.
  • Removed the level restriction for Scratch Pad Viewing in Scratch Pad Viewer, and Scratch Pad XML Ticker

____/==== 2002: June 26

____/==== 2002: June 19

  • Tooltips are back in. Small mods to linkNode and linkNodeTitle. The linkNode one IMO is cooler because you can see what docs link to. Try some buttons on your homenode or the New Nodes nodelet. Very spiffy. The Java Chatterbox is confirmed to work.

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(the mess that started it)

2+2 = 2*2 = 2^2 = 2->2

  • minor change to e2container (container) to not show the E2 logo when viewing the site over HTTPS
  • minor change in Notelet (nodelet) [sic] to respect $VARS->{lockCustomHTML} to not show nodelet text
  • created Outside URLs (nodelet)


3! = 3*2*1 = 2*3 = 6

  • made SQL Prompt (restricted_superdoc) show how many records were returned, and added option to show row numbers


  • found the bug in sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode) that makes it mess up when sending to usergroups: ignoring doesn't work properly, and multiple groups aren't sent to; however, this will take a bit of work to fix, so this remains buggy for now (which is OK, since nobody can yet /msg a usergroup via this htmlcode, anyway)
  • added links to the (previous, current, next) (day's, month's) editor log in epsection_ces (htmlcode), which is the section of the Epicenter nodelet for editors

baker's dozen = unlucky number = first "teen"

  • adjusted hack adjustment in timesince (htmlcode)

3*5 = 1+2+3+4+5

  • added option $VARS->{listcode_smaller}, which can be enabled at user settings 2 for edevites, which makes listcode (htmlcode) show smaller code listings, when enabled


  • enabled varsComboBox (htmlcode) for all users
  • added option $VARS->{informmsgignore} to user settings, which determines how a user is informed when their messages are blocked
  • major update to sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode) - can send to multiple groups, ignoring works for usergroups and users, maximum message length a bit higher; for full information see the "help" displaytype at the htmlcode

9th prime

  • modifed voteit (htmlcode) to slightly change the appearance of writeups' reputation display, after voting; as of this writing, nobody has commented on the change in appearance, so I'm assuming it doesn't look too ugly
  • displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode), function info_author - admins now see locked users as crossed off

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