General sound made by bouncing things.

Also, a legendary Amiga demo, written in 1985.

It was a "demo" in a sense that it was a display hack, and also a "demo" in a sense that it was supposed to be a demonstration of Amiga capabilities.

According to the legends, the demo was written in one night by R. J. Mical and Dale Luck. The demo displays a red-white checkered ball that bounces around the screen. People who saw the demo didn't even believe the ball was drawn by Amiga, and looked around for hidden VCRs...

These days, the ball is the official logo of Amiga. The demo is still floating around the world, and comes with Amiga Forever package. An OpenGL "replica" also exists, for the PC crowd.

See: boing ball

This is a song by Ween, from the album The Pod.

The vocalist seems to have tar on his voice. You can hear the sludge. This is very low and hard to understand, like a lot of the songs on this album. Perhaps this is the result of their mythical bong powered by Scotchguard. It certainly would explain some of the lyrics:

It is as smooth as a mutilated shit on a shingle.
Rip rip rip van Winkle he can shit on a shingle at dawn.
Would you like to do a boing boing boing boing?

Here's that Van Winkle reference again, like from "Sketches of Winkle" and "Molly."

If you never hear this song you will be no worse off. But it is still interesting to hear something like this and then discover what they became later on. Humble origins are always nice.

This song is © 1991 by Ween, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp/Ver Music/Browndog Music/BMI.

The Pod
Next song on this album: Mononucleosis
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boing is also the name for a service provided by the Irish bank Bank of Ireland (and yes they do write it in lowercase for some reason). It stands for Bank Of Ireland Net Guardian, and basically consists of a Windows desktop icon which can be dragged onto a browser window to fill out shipping details, billing address, etc.

Its main purpose is that it also provides a new, virtual credit card number for every time you carry out a transaction, and is therefore designed to allay suspicions of the Irish public with regard to giving their credit card numbers over the Internet.

It was/is due to be launched in August 2001. Personally I find the adverts distracting as the word reads too much like "boring" when it's quickly glanced over.

Written as BOiNG or (in Unicode) ぼいん

A shonen manga published by Young Jump starting in issue 20 of 1999, and finishing in double-issue 3-4 of 2001. It was created by Tokyo-based shonen artist Masakazu Yamaguchi.

Make absolutely no mistake, BOiNG is all about the eye-candy.

Here's what the publisher had to say about it:

"High-schooler Zamaru Tsubaki has an ultimate fetish about big boobs! Zamaru's life is a series of luxuriant encounters with women, and he's on a quest to find his ideal breasts. His lust is raw and so is the hunger of the bottom half of his body. Don't miss his pursuit of the most luscious breasts!! -The absolute fetish-comedy."

They really aren't kidding around, either. Some of the things that happen in the pages of BOiNG are pretty bizzarre, even for a softcore manga. Take, for example, the BOiNG olympics (published as the 2000 summer games were going on in Sydney), where dangerously endowed women are bound to posts and men have to, um, do things to them. Fastest one wins.

This manga will probably only appeal to two types of people: first and most obviously, people with an unquenchable lust for large breasts, and secondly people who have a thing for "fetish-comedy" and Japanese-style slapstick, and aren't bothered by the objectification and degredation of women. For the rest of us, it's really only worth picking up once at the local manga-ya, flipping through, raising a questioning eyebrow, and quietly putting back down.

Young Jump's English language website can be found at

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