I'd like to point a very, very sad fact.

No, Tigger is not dead. Although he might as well be.

All of the writeups in this node, presumably, refer to the character in A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh series of short tales, usually pulished in a single book. However, the character the writeups in this node do DESCRIBE is the bouncy tail-hopping tiger in the Disney adaptation of A. A. Milne's tales. In Milne's book, there is never a mention of Tigger actually being a tiger - he is Tigger, the one and only. Since Christopher Robin has probably never seen a real live tiger, Tigger's image might be quite different from what we would expect. Neither did Tigger bounce on his tail, although bounce he did, nor did he spell Tigger as T - I - Double 'Ga' - ER.

You cry rampant commercialism? I give you Tigger, friends. I wonder if any of the people here so much as touched the actual book.

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