For a long time, the slogan used by the Barbizon modelling agency/academy. Their ads were a fixture in the Teen Magazines of my (pre-Sassy) youth. It took quite a while before the 'models' featured in these ads were anything but young, skinny, and blond (have you ever noticed that Barbizon sounds like Barbie?). In later years, they had a variety of different hair and skin colors - though they were still young and skinny. It was always humorous to read the 'it happened to me' type stories of teenage girls who had been taken in by dubious 'modelling agencies' and gotten ripped off, then notice the Barbizon ad staring you down on the side of the page.

Thankfully, society has evolved a little since then and the next generation of these ads are now generally juxtaposed against articles on how you should love your body and accept yourself. This is reinforced by the idolization of such positive, talented teen role models as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Mandy Moore. Indeed, it seems that the day people quit preying on the self-doubt of little girls will soon be upon us.


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