I have this very moment returned from Central Park where I was bouldering with some friends of mine, Emilio and Sky, and the Worthless Boulder.

We were working the long traverse and three rollerbladers stopped to watch. They were Dutch. One of them, the teenage girl asked if she could have a go. Sky took out his spare pair of climbing boots and handed them to her.

She scrambled into them and attacked the rock. I mean attacked. She said that she had climbed once before, in Italy. I have rarely seen someone so strong on their first attempt. She didn't give up, kept launching up the rock, determined to get the problem. She mentioned that he was a Gymnast, even when her feet were slipping she kept her fingers on the rock.

It was amazing to watch, she would come down get a piece of advice and run back up again. No fear, absoloutly undaunted. After climbing she took off the climbing boots ran over to the grass and started doing front flips terminating in a full somersault. I think my jaw dropped. One of the guys asked me how old I thought she was. "19" I said. He said "15 she's my niece. Thanks for letting her climb, she needs a lot of exercise."

All I can say is way to go teenage girls. Way to go Clarice.

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