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Quick note
I have moved again, here are my uptodate postal details:
11 H, Herengraacht, 2511 EG, Den Haag, The Netherlands.
Ian Mulvany, Springer, Publishing Editor | Physical Sciences, Van Godewijckstraat 30 , 3311 GX, Office Number: 07a08b, P.O. Box 17, 3300 AA, Dordrecht,The Netherlands.
I have been here for a little while, things keep getting better.

just a quick update to all you folk that have been msging me. I do drop in from time to time but find that work currently prevents me from being active here at the moment. This is no bad thing as I am througholy enjoying my work (I'm an copy editor at Springer-Verlag) at the moment]. I nearly have an internet connection at home and when this comes online I should be back. Thank you very much if you have sent me some feedback or comments, I really appreciate it. I hope in time to thak each of you individually --- ian

I own If you have a burning desire to contact me outside of e2 you may do so by sending mail to

I am from Ireland, but now reside in Germany, in Heidelberg. Between the two I have spent time in Edinburgh and in New York. I left New York in July of 2001. Time just flies.

For a long time I studied physics and astronomy, for 9 years in fact. Now I edit physics books and journals for Springer-Verlag in Germany. I have been doing this since September 2002. It has given me a new view on language and especially an appreciation of correct language. Before I was lazy, now I try to do better. This place is littered with contributions of mine which have many errors. If you see one let me know and I will give you a cookie. If I find an error on one of your nodes I will bring down great wrath and furious anger (actually I won't, but I might msg you to let you know).

Here is an idea, visit a year ago today and spend you Ching's there. This way you can stir the nodegel a little and bring to light those that might have been forgotton. I try to do this now. I don't do it all the time.

You may have noticed, I begin most of my sentences with `I´, am very self centred.

This place is amazing. The breadth of style, the quality of the content. Content is the most important thing. Node, that is the golden rule. For a cross section of everything my menu contains
Recomended reading: sensei ariels junkpile noether, this looks interesting: Agustine

Some interesting things that have happened
IrelandStarted climbing and studying physics, the two themes that would go on to dominate my life. Climbed my firt building, kissed my first girl (now that I think back both happened on the same night). Nearly died climbing, lost some friends in seperate incidents.

ScotlandGot urinated on. Understood general relativity and quantum field theory. Fell in Love for the first time. Went Ice climbing for the first time. Got a proper taste of Philosphy, met Margret Meade and David Bloor. Saw Richard Dawkins speak.

USAJoined this place, attended the 12th E2 Gathering Noders in New York: A day of Vegan and Vietnamese. Climbed the cathedral of St John the Divine. Wrote my first good poem after 10 years of effort. Bought my first ever CD. Learned to believe in myself, discovered my capacity for thought is deep.

GermanyMet an old friend. Bought my first computer. Climbed my first route graded at frence 7a.

Sometimes bad language can be funny, even if you can't undertand it. Here is are a few examples from some of the material that I work with every day.
deep to the beginnings of the past run our roots ...
from a paper on the histroy of biochemistry
However, such formulation impedes satisfaction of the fundamental invariancy laws with respect to parameterizations of physical geometries and frequently results in cumbersome governing grid equations with the weight and control functions whose choice to provide the conflicting grid requirements, in particular, well-posedness, grid nondegeneracy, and adaptation is not readily verified but largely based on nebulous theoretical assumptions borrowed from one-dimensional models.

I write daylogs infrequently, this helps me keep track of them:
2001 || April: 3 | March: 24 | August: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 20, 30 | September: 4 | October 21 | November: 30 (place)
2003 || April: 3

jumble follows
Astronomy Snake Ozymandias the end (place) The Great Gatsby Carmina Burana Dylan Thomas My uncle says that smoking crack is kinda cool Do not go gentle into that good night slug Irish girls Under Milk Wood pear A Modest Proposal Henry Kissinger secular religion removePictures of Everythingians removeCamphine rmoveElliptically rmoveGlossocomon rmoveTranspose rmoveWoodbury-type rmoveIrish authors banned in 1922 rveJumbo rveSongs destroyed by use in television advertising rmveYou know you are sexually gifted remveicicle remvelittle anarchy panties remveCurrent World Population reveThe Alice in Wonderland Project roveSorting Algorithms rmoveQuick Sort eoveIn caressing your follicles I am only vaguely reminded of the bitter harvest absorption spectrum why don't you have your license yet? Harvard classification system remove{notes from the little black book removeFormula 1 (thing) ethe bottle of shampoo in the shower reremovetheoretical physics (idea) removeThe Electric Love Muffin removeCigarettes and Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women (idea) removepunch thyself removeloop unrolling (idea) removewalking the pointer removephonograph record (thing) Wharfinger's Linebreaker Gather ye rosebuds Endgames in Chess removeReversing a linked list (idea) removecrontab file format (thing) cshrc removeDimensionless Numbers removeThe Dance of the Solids removePythagorean Theorem (idea) A "Big Bang" does not resolve Olbers' paradox (idea) The Fat Lady Sings (thing) I went to visit his grave (idea) Dirty Illegal Monkey Sex Green's function (idea) Abstract Poem Krungthep I Wanna Be Adored How a Key Opens a Lock (idea) dimensionless constants The Unfortunate Lover Good grammar (idea) complex conjugate (thing) The Black Bull of Norroway The History of Jack the Giant-Killer dynamic equivalence problem She bruised her knee. This is how we met. (person)