Well, I've not been here for a while, time to try out my freshly mindted typing skills, see if I can node and do so with a much reduced typo rate. Type slowly, that's the trick, why does that remind me of a Pavement song? Well, no matter. The years wander along, I started on this site while I lived in New York, then I moved back to Ireland, a stint in Germany and now I find myself in The Netherlands. Is is that e2 begins to become one of the most standard constants in my life? Think of that, how odd is that, pieces of my life scattered throughout these pages! And when I am scattered as ashes, as silicon memory becomes ubiquitous, and cheap and everywhere, The sugars that the ATP in the muscles in my fingertips are eating, the sodium channels in my brian, thousands of them firing in the span of this writing, they, all of them, are finding a chance of finite imortality. In these pages.
Well, my goodness, I am not so sure about what I should Think about that, on this day, early in March, when holland is gripped in an unseasonal blizzard, when I take a step more towards being a little closer to this community.
After a few days of waiting nervously, Making Cocoa For Kingsley Amis arrived in my mailbox. The trains to work were not running. I had to travel via Gouda, take a stop at Rotterdam, a pase of twenty minutes, well spent reading.