early morning stillness, light just fading up through gray,
the cold before the sun, a strange expectant feeling. six a.m.
alert, i pull on warm clothing and on quiet light footsteps leave the house early.
silent street, empty gardens, i am the first person to walk in the clean new world.
the air exhilarates, heady scents of leaves and flowers and trees, of earth
and faintly of ozone. I run.
running rhythmic, like flying, a different breathing
and I wind up in the park.
green wandering through wet grass, breaking off leaves I make leaf skeletons
and put them in my pocket to look at, later.
the sun is coming up now. all around light is spreading, painting leaves, painting the sky
and here are the swings.
strong cold chain clutched tight in small hands,
push -
flying into the sun, total bodily feeling of joy, smiling so wide i feel my face will break. .

(i was still smiling when i reached the office).

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