Written as BOiNG or (in Unicode) ぼいん

A shonen manga published by Young Jump starting in issue 20 of 1999, and finishing in double-issue 3-4 of 2001. It was created by Tokyo-based shonen artist Masakazu Yamaguchi.

Make absolutely no mistake, BOiNG is all about the eye-candy.

Here's what the publisher had to say about it:

"High-schooler Zamaru Tsubaki has an ultimate fetish about big boobs! Zamaru's life is a series of luxuriant encounters with women, and he's on a quest to find his ideal breasts. His lust is raw and so is the hunger of the bottom half of his body. Don't miss his pursuit of the most luscious breasts!! -The absolute fetish-comedy."

They really aren't kidding around, either. Some of the things that happen in the pages of BOiNG are pretty bizzarre, even for a softcore manga. Take, for example, the BOiNG olympics (published as the 2000 summer games were going on in Sydney), where dangerously endowed women are bound to posts and men have to, um, do things to them. Fastest one wins.

This manga will probably only appeal to two types of people: first and most obviously, people with an unquenchable lust for large breasts, and secondly people who have a thing for "fetish-comedy" and Japanese-style slapstick, and aren't bothered by the objectification and degredation of women. For the rest of us, it's really only worth picking up once at the local manga-ya, flipping through, raising a questioning eyebrow, and quietly putting back down.

Young Jump's English language website can be found at http://www.shueisha.co.jp/YJ/e/