Synonym for shiny. Used among black people frequently to decribe gold, diamonds, or anything shiny. Shaquille O'neal described Phil Jackson's championship trophy as" bling blinging" with the light shining off it. Also the title of a song by the Hot Boys & Big Tymers. Can also be used as a noun, such as "You got the bling bling going on," when referring to an item you own, usually jewelry, which is shiny.

Although "bling bling" can be a reference to a shiny or valuable object, originally the word was prison slang. "Bling Bling" was the catchphrase an inmate would use to warn other inmates that a prison guard was approaching. This was useful as a warning to either hide contraband or cease any punishable activity. In essence, the phrase is similar to "heads up", except obfuscated to make warning fellow inmates safer.

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